Terms & Conditions

Company Information:
Name: Pro Service 2004 Ltd.
Company registration number /BULSTAT/: 20315613
Address: 19 Ivan Vazov St., Bansko, Bulgaria

Terms and Conditions of the Airport Transfer Service

Delivery of Service:

At Pro Service 2004 Ltd. we do everything to get you to your destination on time in the most comfortable and safe manor, but there are conditions and circumstances that prevent us to do so:
  • Severe weather conditions that deny a safe drive and jeopardize your health
  • Airports and Resort Closures
  • Road traffic incidents
  • Vehicle being held by Police of Government Officials
  • Vandalism and Terrorism
  • Force Majeure

In any of these cases Pro Service 2004 Ltd. will not incur liability in the event of delay. 

Arrival and Departure Date/Time

Please, make sure to double check you arrival/departure dates and times. We cannot take responsibility for your wrong reservation information or if we cannot connect with you if you are not present at the negotiated departure date and time. We cannot return you your money in any such a case.

Airport Transfer Duration/Check-in

When you are booking a return transfer you must allow sufficient time for the airport transfer to take place. Due to bad weather or road conditions the transfer can take longer. We advise you to check our FAQ section /My Airport Transfer/. We do not take responsibility if you fail to check-in on time because you have not given us enough time to take you to the airport.

Vehicle type selection

Your transfer vehicle should fit the passengers and their luggage. Make sure to double check these when you make your reservation. It is solely your responsibility to provide correct information.

Customer property

All of your luggage is carried in our vehicles at your own risk. We have strict policies on locking vehicles and trucks, on returning forgotten property and handing your luggage with utmost attention. 

Flight Delays

If your flight has been delayed or cancelled, it is your responsibility to contact and inform Pro Service 2004 Ltd. about the situation. The sooner you contact us, the bigger the chance, when possible, that you have your transfer rescheduled. 
Our drivers will wait for you for up to 2 hours at no extra cost. If you are longer delayed the driver may not be able to wait for you due to other obligations. In case you contact us and other transfer arrangements are made at your request, these will met at the arranged cost and your transfer will be charged as expected.


Your safety is our priority. At any point and if circumstances beyond our control prevent us to provide a secure service, we reserve ourselves the right to cancel your airport transfer. 


We do not take responsibility if you failed to cancel your transfer on time. Please, check our FAQ Section/My Airport Transfer/

Terms and Conditions of Vehicle Rentаl Service

Pro Service Ltd. in its capacity of Lessor, rents a car (vehicle) to the Lessee against payment of rental fees under the following General Terms and Conditions:

1. Submission and acceptance:

1.1.    The vehicle is rented to you, the Lessee for a minimum term of 24 hours, in a flawless visual and technical  condition, with all the documents and accessories required by the Traffic Police authorities. These requirements are explicitly stated in the Acceptance Protocol /hereafter as AP/, which is a bilateral agreement signed as part of the Rental Agreement. The Lessee is obliged to return the vehicle in the same condition, visual and technical condition, and with all the documents agreed within the agreed rental term according to AP.

1.2.    The agreed term should be met. Regardless of the circumstances the Lessor should be informed about any delay no later than the agreed return date and term. Delays longer than 120 minutes are subject to a penalty, which is equal to the amount of the rental price per day agreed in the Rental Agreement.

1.3.    In case the vehicle is not returned for two or more days and the Lessor is not officially informed by email or with a signed document about the reasons for the delay are not explicitly stated, the act will be treated as misappropriation within the meaning of the Criminal and the Lessor is obliged to inform the competent authorities, retaining all rights under this Rental Agreement.

1.4.    The Lessor is obliged to keep the guarantee deposit paid by the Lessee upon signing the Rental Agreement in case the hypothesis stated in clause 1.3. arises. II. Rent-a-car through the Lessor’s online platform

2. Online vehicle reservations via the Lessor’s platform:

2.1. Online reservations made via the platform https://www.airporttransfer-bulgaria.com/, property of Pro Service Ltd. are made in the following steps:

2.2.1. The lessee selects the desired brand and model of the vehicle, the places and dates of vehicle rental and vehicle return;

2.2.2. On a voluntary base, the lessee may choose additional options regarding the use of the vehicle provided by the Lessor;

2.4. The Lessee provides data for identification, processing and contacting the Lessor needs. All necessary data in accordance with Regulations.

2.5. The General Terms and reservation is confirmed by clicking the “Confirm” button.

3. Online cancellation:

3.1. Cancellations are submitted and addressed at bookings@airporttransfer-bulgaria.com , Lessor’s official bookings email

3.2. Cancellations refused no later than three days prior to the booked date and time of vehicle pick up are fully refunded

3.3. Cancellations refused two days prior to the booked date and time of vehicle pick up, the refund is 50% of the amount due for the whole rental term agreed in the booking

3.4. Cancellations refused one day prior to the booked date and time of vehicle pick up are not refunded and the Lessor is not liable to refund the Lessee in any way

3.5. The refund of amounts made with a bank card is made by ordering a reverse operation on the card with which the payment was made within 5 to 7 working days.

4. Thefts, Losses, Damages, Losses and Other:

4.1.  In case of damages, loss or theft of the vehicle or its parts including, but not limited to fire or glass breakage by fault of the Lessee, the latter is obliged to pay the Lessor full compensation including car replacement car rental expenses, return, repair, lost profits and rent expenses.

4.2.    Lessee’s liability may be limited through payment and acceptance of additional charges “Super Collision Damage Waiver” (SCDW) and “Super Theft Protection Waiver” (STPW), certified and determined upon signing the Rental Agreement and they are not subject to refund. Upon payment of the above charges the liability of the Lessee is reduced to the amount of the charges excluding the cases covered by clause 5.5. of these General Terms and Conditions. The Super insurances do not cover, respectively cannot secure the Lessor, the following cases: loss of car keys, vehicle documents, damage, loss or theft of the vehicle registration plate, loss or damage of car wipers, glasses and chassis (vehicles transmission, drive and other parts that are in or attached to the chassis) damage of the vehicle as a result of its careless exploitation by the Lessee, respectively by a related to them person, damage of tires, wheel rims, tire covers (when not caused by fire or road accident documented in a Police Report), damages as a result of using the vehicle while not considering the prohibitions covered by clause 7.5. The acceptance of the Super insurances does not exempt the Lessee from their obligation to receive and provide Pro Service Ltd. with a Police Report in the event of theft or damage as described in detail in clause 7.1.3. Otherwise the Lessee shall fully cover the car damage.

4.3.    Liability for damages caused by third parties, if caused guiltily by the Lessee, is covered by the Third Party Liability insurance up to its limit, except in the cases referred in clauses 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 of these General Terms and Conditions. Only in case of a respected regression claim by the insurer within the meaning of article 19 of the Ordinance on Compulsory Insurance this responsibility is born by the Lessee

4.4.    If case of stolen navigation system is stolen or lost, the Lessee is subject to fine equal to the amount of €200

4.5.    In case  of stolen or lost documents, keys, registration plates of the rented vehicle, the Lessee is subject to a fine equal to the amount of €300

4.6.    In case of lost parking ticket or lost parking card for parking at public car parks at Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna or Bourgas airports, the Lessee is subject to a fine equal to the amount of €100

4.7.    In case of a car accident an administration fee of €50.00 is payable regardless of whose fault the incident occurred is

5. Prices, Payments and payment methods:

5.1.    By signing the Rental Agreement upon receiving the vehicle the Lessee is obliged to pay the final amount of the Rental Agreement, which is the sum of the amounts specified in this Rental Agreement by means of payment approved by the Lessor /vouchers, credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer or cash/

5.1.1. Online payments must be made by credit/debit card to a licensed banking institution.

5.2.    The Lessee is obliged to pay the Lessor:

5.2.1.    The daily rent and Collision Damage Waiver, Transportation and Public Works, and, if accepted, Super Collision Damage Waiver charges to limit liability for damage and/or vehicle theft and any additional services mentioned in the Rental Agreement;

5.2.2.    Additional one-way rental charges. When the vehicle is returned in a location other than the one previously agreed, a drop charge fee determined by the Lessor is charged;

5.2.3.    All fees and fines for improper parking and non-observance of the Road Traffic Act relating to the vehicle and the relevant rental period, as well as an administrative fee in the amount of €30,00;

5.2.4.    Lessor’s expenses, including officially incurred costs permitted by law, for collecting the amounts owed by the Lessee;

5.2.5.    The cost of €2 per liter for the missing liters of fuel

5.2.6.    Applicable fees and VAT.

5.3.    Upon signing the Rental Agreement the Lessee undertakes the obligation to pay a guarantee deposit equal to the amount specified in the Price List. If the vehicle is returned in flawless visual and technical order the agreed AP deposit is released. If small losses or damages are certified in AP and if the vehicle is returned without fuel or it is less than the one stipulated in the AP, the relevant amount is deducted from the deposit and the balance, if any, is released.

5.3.1. The Guarantee Deposit can be paid through a procedure of authorization and cancellation of authorization by credit/debit card. The amount of the deposit is authorized (“blocked”) on the Lessee’s credit/debit card, and when the vehicle is returned in flawless visual and technical condition, according to the Delivery record, the deposit is released by cancellation of the  authorization (the amount is “unblocked”).

6. Responsibilities of the Lessor:

6.1.    The Lessor is liable for damage resulting from a technical failure of the rented vehicle, as determined by an independent vehicle expertise

6.2.    The Lessor is obliged to provide the Lessee with a replacement vehicle for the period for which the Rental Agreement of the defective vehicle is concluded.

6.3.    In case of a Lessee’s failure to fulfill this Rental Agreement the Lessor has the right to take all legal actions to discontinue the use of the property by the Lessee.

7. Obligations and Responsibilities of the Lessee

7.1.    The Lessee is obliged:

7.1.1.    To use the vehicle as intended, to handle it with the care of a good owner and keep it in a clean state;

7.1.2.    In case of an accident, damage or failure to take all necessary measures to rescue, limit and/or decrease damage to the rented vehicle;

7.1.3.    In case of a theft, accident or damage to a vehicle, except minor incidents, to comply with the requirements of the Road Traffic Act and the regulations for its implementation concerning the obligatory receipt of a Police Report and other documents. Within twelve hours of the damage/theft occurrence the Lessee shall notify the Lessor about that by communicating all related facts, circumstances and data, as well as to provide full assistance to the Lessor and the insurance company in clarifying the incident and the damage caused.

7.2.    The Lessee undertakes the obligation to observe the interests of the Lessor and the insurance company in case of a road accident or theft by:

7.2.1.    Providing names and addresses of participants and witnesses;

7.2.2.    Not transferring responsibility or guilt and not making payments to people involved in the road accident;

7.2.3.    Not leaving the vehicle without the necessary precautions in respect to their safety;

7.2.4.    Notifying the nearest YES Rent Ltd. office by phone, even in case of a minor road accident, and filling in all the necessary documents of the Lessor within 12 hours;

7.2.5.    Notifying the police immediately, if it is necessary to determine the guilt of another participant in the accident or a person is injured;

7.2.6.    Making sure that when there is nobody in the vehicle it is locked and that the car keys and documents are kept by the Lessee.

7.3.    The Lessee is not entitled

7.3.1.    To use the vehicle for towing another vehicle or trailer, for racing purposes, sporting events, training, testing, transporting large bulk or other cargo,

7.3.2.    To drive the vehicle drunk or after using drugs or intoxicating medicines;

7.3.3.    То drive the vehicle off the road surface/road marking;

7.3.4.    To smoke in the rented vehicle;

7.3.5.    To give to a person not authorized by the Lessor to drive the vehicle;

7.3.6.    To use the rented vehicle for transportation of goods prohibited by the Customs Act and for any kind of illegal activity;

7.3.7.    To drive the vehicle outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, except in cases when they are explicitly authorized by the Lessor for that and have paid in advance all necessary fees and insurances for traveling abroad. For any unauthorized border crossing the Lessee is obliged to pay a fine of EUR 300.00.

7.3.8.    To make unauthorized repairs of the vehicle;

7.3.9.    To transfer their rights and obligations under this Rental Agreement to a third party unless previously approved by the Lessor and the details of the approved person are recorded in the Rental Agreement.

7.4.    The Lessee must have a current driving license valid for more than one year but not less than the term of the Rental Agreement, must be twenty-one years of age and have one year driving experience.

7.5.    In case the Lessee fails to comply with the restrictive conditions of these clauses and harmful consequences occur on the vehicle, respectively on its owner and/or partial damage or claims of third parties evolve against the Lessor, the Lessee owes the Lessor compensation at an amount determined further by an expert (specialist), who should be appointed to draw up an independent expert evaluation to verify the occurred damage and its value. The failure to comply with the provisions of clauses 7.1-7.4. as a result of which damages have been occurred eliminates the limited liability provisioned by clause 4.2 and the Lessee owes full compensation.

7.6.    In case of careless exploitation by the Lessee, respectively a related to them person, if the vehicle is returned in an extremely dirty condition, the Lessee is obliged to pay a fine of EUR 50.00.

7.7.    Smoking in vehicles is strictly forbidden, in case of a breach found by the Lessor, the Lessee is obliged to pay a fine of EUR 150.00.

7.8.    By signing the Rental Agreement the Lessee confirms that they have been provided with information according to article 19, paragraph 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), they are aware that the provision of their personal data is voluntary, as well as that they are aware of their rights provided by PDPA and give their unconditional consent their personal data to be collected, processed and transferred to third parties for the purposes of concluding and managing the Rental Agreement in compliance with the requirements of the current Bulgarian legislation.

8. Consumer Disputes:

8.1. Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), in the event of violation of rights, consumers are entitled to complaints, alerts and motions, filed with the control authorities, who protect their rights.

8.1.1. Complaints, alerts and motions are filed in written form on paper or electronically to the Commission for Consumer Protection.

8.1.2. The phone number and contact address of the Commission for Consumer Protection are as follows:

8.2. Consumer disputes may also be dealt with through the procedures for alternative resolution of national and cross-border disputes, set forth in Chapter 9, Section II of the Consumer Protection Act. Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution (ADR) is anybody, regardless of its name, established and dealing on a regular base with alternative resolution of disputes and is included in the list of authorities recognized as ADR entities on the territory of The Republic of Bulgaria, approved by Order of the Minister of Economy

8.3. The Minister of Economy sets up general and sectoral conciliation committees to the Commission for Consumer Protection, which are alternative dispute resolution bodies and meet the requirements of Section II of the CPA. In the event of dispute, the consumer must bring the dispute directly before the trader and the parties should try to resolve it among themselves. Where the parties have not settled the dispute between themselves, the consumer may bring the matter before the general or sectoral conciliation commissions, depending on the subject matter of the dispute. Referral is done through a written application, submitted to the Commission for Consumer Protection, which administers the activities of the general and sectoral conciliation committees.

9. Payment disputes:

9.1. Pursuant to the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act (PSPSA), any payment service provider, within the meaning of the law, is required, in accordance with their internal regulations, to provide for a procedure of filing claims, disputes and award of benefits concerning the payment services.

9.2. In the event of dispute with the Payment Services Provider, which has not been resolved, the Payment Service User can contact the Conciliation Commission on Payment Disputes at the Commission for Consumer Protection.

9.2.1. Conciliation proceedings begin with the filing of the application with the Commission. The application is filed in writing, as well as by e-mail or online via the website of the Commission for Consumer Protection.

9.2.2. Conciliation proceedings move pursuant to the sequence described in Chapter 10, “Alternative Dispute Resolution” of the PSPSA and any unresolved issue, concerning the activity of the Commission as alternative dispute resolution body, are subject to the provisions of Chapter Nine, Section II of the Consumer Protection Act.